Our Services:

• Online Communities & diaries
• Online message boards
• Mobile Surveys
• Webcam interview
• Mobile apps based surveys

Online & Mobile Research Process

We have secured survey hosting platforms that are online, mobile, & app based and have the ability to quickly start your surveys across online, mobile  & offline – integrating them across channels based on your requirement.

We can program your online projects, creating easy-to-use surveys, from basic to customized to suit your research needs. For quick, clear updates during fieldwork, we can create a secure reporting portal with dashboard features that allow researchers to check their summary data in real time as the survey progresses.

Data Delivery
We provide data deliverables in an actionable format according to your specification, in all popular, easy-to-read formats including SPSS, Excel and ASCII.

As RSB we have an extraordinary focus on quality & transparency.  Our back checks are higher than the industry standards.  Adherence to all processes is monitored both for our own performance management purposes and for client audits. Our transparent stakeholder information plans at the beginning of the project make it easy for our clients to audit us as & when needed without the need to inform us. We constantly monitor our performance & processes that ensure the most responsive, reliable and representative results for our clients.