Our Quality consciousness comes from our ‘Integrity first & last’ leitmotiff.  We understand that the highest quality fieldwork and data processing comes  from adopting quality assurance procedures at all levels. Interviewers are trained to  exceed ISO 20252 standards.

RSB has a telephony system that has auto-dialling, remote monitoring capabilities and allows full monitoring of all interviews to enhance the validation and quality assurance process. RSB is working towards  ISO 20252 accredited for telephone interviewing.

A Simple Formula, but it Works.


RSB strictly follows  the Privacy Principles and Guidelines of ESSOMAR. For further information about the Privacy Guidelines – please visit: http://www.esomar.org/knowledge-and-standards/codes-and-guidelines.php

We scrupulously follow the laws of India where we are located & to our best possible knowledge  the laws of the land where research is conducted. In case the two laws are divergent – we follow the stricter guidelines.

Where laws & codes are silent – we follow the ‘Golden Rule’ – we treat our respondents the way we would like to be treated.