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Steve Jobs ‘anti’ Market Research Quotes and what exactly they mean

  • July 1st, 2014

Its two & a half years since Steve Jobs left us. His thoughts, his words, his genius creations are a daily part of our lives. Most business communities enjoy reminescing about his brilliance, his design, his products. Yet, if there is one community that has a bit of ambivalence looking at Steve Jobs’ views about their industry, it is the Market Research community.

I found four  quotes from Steve Jobs on Market Research from  Walter […]

How Market Research lost its mindshare & how it can gain it back

  • June 25th, 2014

How Market Research lost its mindshare & how it can gain it back

When Market Researchers like yours truly gather, one of the discussions we often have is how Market research lost its charm & whether it is possible to gain it back.
Andrew Reid, founder of a Canada based Market Research Company – Vision Critical wrote an article on the very same topic – Market Research Has Lost its Mojo & Heres how it can […]

Why another Market Research Blog?

  • June 9th, 2014

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the RSB blog!

Why This Blog?

One of the things we found was that there are very few blogs that capture the going-ons, the basics – the head & heart of the Indian Market Research industry.

Through this blog we aim to motivate, educate, inform, & entertain (yes! expect some good cartoons too!)  everyone in the industry and those planning to consider our industry as a career option.

Mission of this blog:

This is the […]